Hello Kitchen offers a unique and specialized approach to interior design

Our design process is efficient, professional, and transparent. Yes, we may be the interior design experts, but you know best when it comes to your lifestyle and budget, so we’re here to listen, educate, and adjust as needed throughout your project. We want you to feel confident in your design decisions!

Flat Rate Design Services

Before we get started with your project, Hello Kitchen will provide you with a flat rate design fee to avoid any unwelcome surprises. From there we’ll develop your custom design plan, select all materials and finishes, and connect you with all of the resources necessary to get the job done.

Your final design deliverable will include:

  • a set of scaled drawings
  • 3D rendered images
  • a budgeted material list
  • Contractor referrals for bids
  • and more!

Download the PDF below and contact us to learn more about our process and pricing!

Download our free PDF to learn more about our flat rate design services and design process.

Download the PDF

“As the contractors she simplified our jobs and listened intently to the clients while providing her expertise and knowledge, this is so appreciated. The design package she provided us streamlined our process and allowed the job to run smoothly and on timeline.”

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