Kitchen Consultation

This in-house visit provides homeowners with an understanding of their kitchen’s design potential. Our designers measure the existing space and provide a plan sketch and design inspiration to complete the vision.

Recipe for Renovation

This comprehensive package follows an in-depth design process and collaboration with the homeowner. We begin with an analysis of the existing kitchen, homeowner’s lifestyle, and consideration of the design goals. From there, we provide several options of the kitchen layout for review, along with an ideal for the aesthetic concept of the kitchen.
With the detailed floor plan and vision in place, we move on to a 3d model of the kitchen, finish selections and specifications. We meet regularly with the client to share our ideas and gain feedback, so no one is ‘surprised’ by the end result. We enjoy the collaborative nature of design!

We provide design services for kitchen projects in the Austin, and have options for working out of state as well. We would love to consider your project, so please send us an email including your project address, design goals, and photos of the existing space, and we will contact you shortly with our availability.