Cindy Black, AIA

Well, hello! You may have ended up here during a search for kitchen inspiration, or perhaps linked over from Rick & Cindy Black Architects. Either way, thank you for your interest in the work of Hello Kitchen. 

Since 2000, my husband Rick and I have run a thriving architecture practice with a holistic approach to residential design. Together we’ve built a shared philosophy toward composing places that enhance the patterns of living. Architecture is a life-long practice, and successful projects can take years to develop. I began Hello Kitchen in 2008 as a means to distill this knowledge into smaller scale projects.

Also, I love to cook, and oscillate between the ritual of the recipe and spontaneous combinations. Our kitchen is compact and organized efficiently, so movement is optimized. Our kitchen is a warm environment, with butcher block tops, creamy white cabinets, shiplap walls, and wood shelves. I believe that if a harmonious level of design is achieved at the micro-scale, the space relates in a logical way to the rest of the home, garden, and daylight.

The kitchen is the nexus of energy of any home, and designing space around this dynamic is one of the joys of Hello Kitchen.

I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in exploring this level of design within your own home. Please send an email including your project address and design goals, and I will follow up with service options and availability.