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Would you believe this is my one hundredth blog post?! Wow.

I don’t get to show off too many bath projects, but the details of this one are pretty stellar. Our dedicated and insightful client, Cody, contributed a lot to this design, which I will discuss in a minute. But first, let’s revisit the state of the bath before renovation, courteous of the previous DIY homeowners with the best of intentions. The improvements were made to help sell the house, but Cody discovered the hard way that things were not built to last.


the bathroom before

Things to note: awkward location of sink and vanity cabinet, brown tile, removal of actual window in favor of complete darkness and lack of ventilation, toilet in ‘rear facing’ position, beige.


the bathroom before

Lastly, plenty of water damage from incorrectly installed shower. They forgot an important detail: waterproofing! Usually one would want a shower pan to capture any water that seeps beneath the tile (note to do-it-yourselfers: tile is not waterproof).


water damage

I hate to sound rude, but I really have no patience for poorly executed construction posing as an improvement. Wisely, Cody committed to a full renovation of the bathroom, so the layout of fixtures was totally up for grabs. We introduced a linear storage cabinet and bench on one side, and the vanity, toilet and shower fixtures on the other.


The tile selections and layout were our biggest decisions. Cody was drawn to the handcrafted feel of Fireclay Debris series tiles, which have a natural red clay body made from 70% recycled tiles and glazed in over 100 colors. Local tile supplier House + Earth was kind enough to loan us the entire sample box for a weekend, and Cody meditated on various color combinations. What he landed on was an earthy, craftsman-inspired mix of  Clover Matte, Emerald Green, Demitasse and Craftsman Green. The selections mix a matte and gloss finish, which I think works really well over a large surface. During construction, I helped him pick the grout color, which is a warm natural grey that has a sandy texture.

At the main floor area and curb, we chose a porcelain tile, Interceramic Glow in Galaxy. AKDO marble mosaic lines the shower floor and niche, which complements the crema delicato marble at the bench and countertops.


We discussed the different shower experience that one gets from a rainhead versus a handheld shower. Ultimately, we decided to have both, sourced by Hansgrohe, with the shower control located across from the entrance to the shower. Cody sourced the Caroma Bondi toilet, which is apparently the best one on the market.


Working with Texas Construction enabled us to pull off some tricky details, as well. We sized the window to match the width of the room, and created the condition where the tile dies straight into the window trim. Peter (the project supervisor) and I had to do a lot of fractional math to figure that one out, since the window is obviously ordered well before the wallboard and tile are in place. Luckily, it worked out! We applied a vinyl film over the lower two-thirds of the window for privacy, but wanted to leave the upper portion open to the view of trees and sky.


Hardware is important in such a small space: these are Alno Euro robe hooks in chrome, and we selected Mockett pulls at the cabinets. And this Sugatsune pocket door pull gives another touch of modern elegance.


Project Team:

Contractor: Texas Construction

Marble: Architectural Tile & Stone

Tile: Fireclay, from House + Earth

Hardware: Mockett

Plumbing Fixtures: Hansgrohe and Caroma Bondi

Window: Andersen 100

Photography by Whit Preston

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