BEFORE AND AFTER – Pequeno St. Posted on January 8, 2019 By hello kitchen

Not all remodels require dramatic changes, like knocking down walls. With this charming kitchen, the structure was there, the space just needed to be fine-tuned. The vaulted ceiling and beautiful beam were the saving grace.  Brightening the space and visually opening things up were the first goals. That meant, moving the island out of the already narrow space and rethinking that red wall. There was no true pantry for this kitchen, so our second main focus was to maximize storage and functionality.

We switched out most of the base cabinets to be drawers and added pull out trays in the cabinets where they were needed. A tall pantry cabinet sits to the right of the refrigerator, while the upper over the refrigerator was made 24” deep to allow for deeper storage in an otherwise unused space.

We asked this client: “What did you find most helpful be utilizing Hello Kitchen services?”

HK client response: “I didn’t realize the number of decisions that would need to be made design wise. When I was unsure of a choice or I just didn’t have the time to research all my options, you were INVALUABLE in helping me make those decisions so that we kept the project moving. I always trusted your choices and the kitchen turned out better than I ever expected!”

Photography by Cate Black Photography 

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