Food Revolution Day! Posted on April 7, 2012 By hello kitchen

Coming up on May 19th is the Jamie Oliver Foundation’s inaugural Food Revolution Day – an event inspired by Jamie’s movement to to ‘inspire change in people’s food habits and to promote the mission for better food and education for everyone.’ I’m excited to say that I’ll be acting as the Food Revolution Day Ambassador of Austin! My role will be to inspire local chefs, gardeners, food bloggers, schools, friends and family to host local food events on May 19th.

Several concerns and desires have led me to volunteer in this movement: what our elementary kids are offered for school lunch; why ammonia-washed meat is endorsed by our government; the teeny organic food section at most groceries; obesity and sedentary lifestyles; wanting to inspire people to experiment with new ingredients; my constant search for good, healthy, but seriously tasty food. It’s a no-brainer… why wouldn’t I find some time to help out with this?

So you may be hearing from me in the next few weeks about some volunteer opportunities. My dream would be to host a sort of ‘pop-up picnic’ like the one I read about in the Times last year – the Parisian Diner en Blanc. Everyone brings a picnic meal – including their own table, linens, and chairs – to a predetermined but secretive location, and identifies one another by wearing all white. Could we pull this off? What other ideas do you Austin folks have for some great food events for May 19th?

Here’s your inspiration:

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